Classmate Messages
updated 8/13/13
West Tech Class of 1963
Personal Messages:
Zen Golembiowsky:  My physical body did not allow me to join you at our reunion but I was there in spirit.  What a joy to see you in the pictures on the web site and to watch the oh so brief DVD. I must admit it was a challenge to recognize every one.   The school spirit was so strong!  Thank you organizers.
Some thoughts on West Tech: .Everyone was so nice.  I do not remember any bullies.  The girls were so smart. The best teacher I had was Miss Naiseff in World History.  She prepared us for what college work would be like.  The most colorfully was Mrs. Boyd who taught German.  Margaret PENDERGAST wore some wild outfits.  Mr. Vince Dooley was the best gym teacher in the Cleveland school system.  Little did the boys of our class know that their was a Vietnam Nam war waiting.  Chuck Ulch was the first of our class to give his life over there.  Terry Daly who went to school with us but did not graduate also perished there.  So sad.  Carol Hensley mentioned Nick Calogeres.  I spoke to him a while back and he is retired from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Take care all., Zen.
Jim Neubecker:  I hope all my classmates have enjoyed life in the working world and life away from high school.  I think West Tech teachers gave us a great start to get out into the world and enjoy education, give back to others what we received.
Rosanne Horun McCamey:  Sorry I will be missing this so fun event.  Unfortunately my family commitments will not permit me to travel back to Cleveland , however I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!
Please e-mail me or call or if you are vacationing here in the Palm Springs area. I would love to visit with you-just give me a call.  I’ve had many ups and downs, like most people but I really have felt very fortunate because I have many friends both male & female that have brought me through the good times and the bad.  I love it here in the dessert and I have met many famous people through my lifetime, including Pope John Paul 2nd, Presidents Ford and Clinton (even have pictures with them) and many sports and movie celebrities.  I even dated Tony Roma, (the famous restaurateur) in the past.  I have had a very blessed and exciting life & I am grateful to God for all that I have received.
Donald Thomas:  Wishing all of my classmates a wonderful reunion.  Wish I could be there to celebrate with all of you.  I have nothing but great memories of West Tech.  Always stop by WTH every time we visit family in Cleveland.  So proud to have attended WTH.  Have a great reunion.
Betty Goff Eggers:  I wish everyone good health and happiness.
Sandra Fortner:  Continued good health and fortune.
Richard Collins:  May God give them good health and many years of life.
Cynthia Higgins McFerran:  Thank you John and committee for making this reunion possible.
Raymond Jakob:  Glad we all made it this far.
Judith Collins Park:  I thank God I was born, when I was born and that I had such a great high school experience with friends of a lifetime.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Even though we don’t see each other that often, we had an awesome class.  God Bless you all.
Diane Zipay Vincent:  Where has the time gone?  What would we change if we could go back?  I am so glad I chose West Tech as my high school.  Such wonderful memories, having been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer I consider every day a blessing.
Joan Czaban Kinney:  Whew!  We did it, even though we don’t feel all that old.
Frances Hlavna:  Hello to the June 1963 West Tech graduating class!  Can’t believe “50” years have gone by since graduation.  I’ve kept in touch with several class mates and have ran into one all the way out in California.  Amazing!  These past 50 yrs have been full of family, friends and adventures.  I am excited to see what the next years will have in store for all of us.
Anna Thomay Karolyn:  Wow!  Its hard to believe it has been 50 years since we graduated!  I always have great memories of the fun times we had and more importantly how many of you touched or influenced my life in some way.  I am truly blessed to have known you even though I may not have been close friends to many of you.  I wish you Gods blessings in the years ahead and I am certain that in the end we will meet again!
Geraldine (Gerry) Fruce:  My West Tech friends are the best long-time friends.  Having to transfer as a junior was not fun.  Thanks for including me in the reunions.
Marion Reddy Zorn:  So happy to see classmates, it doesn’t seem possible.  It has been 50 years since I walked the halls of dear old West Tech.
Nedra Schlegel Briscoe:  Fifty years already—wow!  Greetings to old friends.  God bless always.
Rose McParland Winkler:  Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Cheryl Johannes Rasmussen:  I have great memories of my years at West Tech H.S.  The many opportunities with music will always bring a smile to my heart.  Having journeyed 50 years from those days I can say God has been good to me, I got to fulfill my desires stated in our year book; to be in full time Christian service, there have been many adventures!
Linda Dobromilsky Bodnar:  These past 50 years have flown by.  Good wishes to all on this special occasion.
Angela Drakos Kalix:  Congratulations to the class of Jan & June 63. Glad to be here and seeing old friends!  Hope we can make it for our 55th or 60th.
Walter Kalix:  I married my high school sweetheart and after 48 years we are still together and happy.  I hope many of you are happy also.
MaryAnn Miller Judd:  Hope all your dreams were full filled, health and happiness to all.
Keith Thompson:  I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.  The way my memory works these days it might be like meeting everyone for the first time on the first day of school.
Sonja Simon Burns:   I’m excited to see lots of my old classmates and just have a good time.
Emory Kacala:  Wish all the classmates a happy and joyous day.  It’s a special day and sorry I will not be able to attend, due to personal reasons.  If there is a class book I would like to purchase one.
Lee Shubert:  The January class of 1963 matriculated at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium on January 23, 1963.  On that cold Wednesday night (then the coldest January 23 on record), who in the class of 148 thought that 18,483 days later-on a warm August evening they would be with their classmates celebrating their 50th class reunion-“ yearning to these old halls to be returning” I for one did not give the idea any thought.  I will be proud and happy however to be with my classmates. t o those in attendance at this Class of 1963 50th reunion.  I tip my hat for the luck, perseverance, and graciousness. “sure as the stars do shine above you” for simply making it through 50 amazing  years.  To our class mates not lucky enough to gather with us for this 50th Reunion may God bless and hold you near.  We  know well that you “ are always loyal and always  true” and we shall toast and commemorate you on August 31,2013 as “mighty, mighty  warriors” because we shall be “ all for you, For the Crimson and Gray”.
Dave Renevitz (part 1):  I will not be able to attend this great event (50 year reunion) as we have planned our own family reunion and will be in Maui, Hawaii at that time.  I got a call from Ron Stasko’s wife and gave her names of people I know in California and they will try to contact.  After spending 63-66 in the Vietnam War I decided to stay in California and married a wonderful woman, Gloria, who is from Hawaii.  With her Aloha spirit and my Blessed children and grandchildren we are constantly doing things.  This year is our 43rd wedding anniversary.  My current address is 203 Dayton Ct., San Ramon, CA, 94583.  Have a great time!
David Renevitz (part 2):  I’m sure you all will have a good time after all 50 years, that will put us all around 70 yrs old.  A lot of changes take place.  Sadly some have passed on, others disabled.  But I just want to be reminiscing about all the good memories:  dances, football games, roller skating, movies.  All the fun times good and bad with my teenage friends and adolescent life in Ohio.
Sandy IL’Giovine Corasaniti:  Wishing everyone good health, peace, joy, and happiness and a personal relationship with God.
Diane Bell Dockrill:  I am delighted to be a part of our 50th Reunion celebration, and send out a special “thank you” to the planning committee.
Luanne Henk Cole:  Hi Everyone!  I am hoping to see many of the January class!!  I am sure that none of us have changed over the years.  See you there!
Sandy (Sammy) Schmidt Ricchetti:  Amazing to be celebrating a 50th reunion – when did that happen??  I’ve come to the point now that all the awards and accomplishments, the collectibles, the memories (as great and sweet as so many of them are) don’t hold the same value now.  The things I cherish today are:  knowing the Lord, my precious family, the health and well-being of the people I love, and my friends!  Special friends like Carol, Lynn, Donna, and Sandy – whose WTH roots go deep in my life – what a treasure you are!!  Having friends like this in your life is like fitting into a comfortable shoe – we have walked lots of miles together in over 50 years!!  Celebrating a high school reunion is a reminder of the delightful times, care-free living, and a thankfulness for all the very special people that have made foot prints on my life!
Donna Bublo Bockwich:  Love to my West Tech “Golden Girls”50 years of friendship has made our bonds even stronger.
Joanne (Joanie) Marks Kleja:  Buddy and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 29th.  In our 1963 year book my ambition was to “marry Buddy and raise a large family.”  We have been unbelievably happy for all these years.  We live in Walnut Grove, Georgia and would love to be able to attend the reunion.  We were at the 40th and it was wonderful, but we just can’t manage this year.
My thoughts for my classmates are to follow your dreams.  As the years pass by quickly, live each day to the fullest.  Do all you can do while you are still able.  Enjoy all you have accomplished in the past 50 years.
Trust in God and allow HIM to guide your every footstep.  HE has had you in the palm of HIS hand through all these years, and HE will never let you down.  God bless each and everyone of you!
Dennis Brigadier:  I am looking forward to seeing my classmates that I haven’t seen in years.  I moved to Florida where I lived until 1996 when I moved to North Carolina where I have lived since.
Carol Sturrett:  Congratulations to all of us who have made it to this fiftieth reunion.  We certainly have lived through amazing times and have seen tragic as well as remarkable history made in those 50 years.  West Tech gave us a good foundation upon which to build.  We are still THE WARRIORS!
Louis Abraham:  It brings me great pleasure to say I attended WTH and share those wonderful memories again with you all.  May God bless you and your families and allow us to be able to attend many more reunions together.  Never let the spirit of WTH die.
Carol Goltscher Blansett:  This is my first reunion I’ve attended other than my husbands 10th & 20th HS reunions.  Jerry will be having his 50th reunion this Oct.  Hope to see some of my HS classmates I was friends with - Theresa Golden (Tessie); Maryann Comodecca; Sandra Schmidt; Beverly Stamp.  I have fond memories of HS plays, the 50th anniversary musical we did in 1962, the up and down staircases, working in the office, and on the cheerleading team as an alternate (pulling my groin doing the flying splits)!  I remember watching movies in the auditorium during lunch & also dancing in the gym, I also recall fondly some wonderful teachers, homeroom and our special memorial to Darlene Piazza who had cancer of the bone-leading to her leg amputation and than later succumbing to cancer.  It’s hard to believe 50 years have passed.  I look forward to sharing memories & pictures & will bring with me pictures from some plays I was in & pics from the golden anniversary show!  See you there!
Chuck Scotch:  After meeting many 80 to 100 yr old sport figures, they say “Don’t quit till your placed underground”.  Exercise alone will cure many illnesses.  An active mind is an active body.  My grandchildren are my most prized accomplishment.
Anthony Kren:  Sorry I can’t make it.  Enjoy life!
James Mattix:  Hears wishing all good health and long life.  God Bless!
Carol Sturrett:  Congratulations to all of us who made it to this fiftieth reunion.  We certainly have lived through amazing times and have seen tragic as well as remarkable history made in those 50 years.  West Tech gave us a good foundation upon which to build.  We are still the Warriors!
Luz Morillas:  Sorry I can’t be there.  Everyone have a wonderful time.
Sharon Haeflinger Luli:  Thank you for good West Tech memories.  I feel we were prepared to enter our world of work and play.  We had an excellent learning environment with great students and educators.
Judith Zajac Hughes:  Dear old West Tech, we’ll always love you.  I don’t believe any of us could ever forget those famous Alma Mater words from West Tech High or the memories that took place throughout the classrooms, halls and social functions.  Wow!  Although it may seem like only a few years ago that we attended West Tech, in reality50 years just whizzed right by all of us (a half century ago).  So many treasured memories are fondly remembered and I am looking forward to reminiscing with my former classmates at our 50th class reunion.  Best wishes to the class of 1963!  For the Crimson and Grey
Gloria Rios Bethea:  Fifty years went by rather quickly.  I am looking forward to seeing and meeting my former classmates of W.T.H.!!
Marie Boccuzzi Jablonski:  50 years.  Thank you God!  Looking forward to seeing you.  Dear old West Tech- we will always love you.
Lynn Chavayda Falschlehner:  How lucky were we to have gone to this wonderful school?  Do take the tour of the school!  You’ll learn so much more.
Jim Mason:  Thinking back, we had a great bunch (this also includes our teachers).  Congratulations to us survivors, may we all remember those who passed before us.  May god bless us all, as he had in the past.
Vincent Sabolik:  Well, didn’t it all turn out exactly like we figured it would back in 1963?  More importantly, aren’t we glad that we somehow remembered to bring the “Geezer Glasses”?
Nancy Hayes Beitler:  We have been blessed to be celebrating 50 years from graduation.  In this stage of life what matters most is our relationship with our family, friends and most of all our relationship with our precious Lord, savior and coming king.
Gene Vilyus:  Had a really great time at West Tech and made a lot of good friends over the 3 years I was there.  It’s nice to still be in contact with some of these great people.
William Kubin:  Hi to all my friends in our electrical classes.
Aurora Cortes Naida:  Hopefully your last 50 years were healthy, prosperous and fun filled, May the many years to come be even better. God Bless
Robert Hubert, Jr:  I am glad to help in trying to find some of our classmates. My wife Kathy and I are very active in the order of the amaranth.
Alan Morris:  Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
Linda See Mirosavich 
Nineteen sixty-three is not an end but a beginning”  MLK.
Our graduation in 1963 was the beginning of the rest of our lives.  During the last fifty years I have had a happy and blessed life.
My ambition in our West Tech yearbook was a college education and it became a reality.  I began college at Ohio University and continued on with graduation from OSU in 1982.  Yes, it took almost 20 years with time out for life as a wife & mother.
Getting old is not for sissies!  I wish you all the best.
Cheryl Karr Lilly:  Sorry unable to attendWishing you all a happy retirement.  Have a great party for the 50th.
Myron Dianiska:  Hard to believe it’s been 50 yrs since graduation.   Looking forward to reconnecting with all in attendance.
Linda Cherconis Lyons:  Sing as though no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, and love as though your heart will never be broken.
Sara Knust: Fessler:  Looking forward to seeing my classmates on August 30th.
Paul J Huba:  If any of you have a street rod, please seek me out Friday.  I’ll bring my small album with pictures of the 30 Chevy construction.
Josefina Becerra Krizan:  It’s wonderful to see my classmates.
Karen Work Whitmer:  I want to say “HI” to all my friends & fellow graduates.  I was hoping to attend but some things came up and I won’t be able to be there in person but will be in memories & laughter.  If there are pictures taken of the group I would love to have one & gladly will pay for it.  If anyone visits Arizona please stop by.  Love to all.
Lynnita Lipke Phillips:  I am really looking forward to seeing all of you! Our 40th was so much fun.  Ten years later… WOW! God bless you.
Mary Adkins Little:  I was the June 1965 graduating class.  I knew and hung around with many “63” graduates.  I wanted to come and see old friends and share our lives.
Ray Stasko:   Everyone looks great! I'm truly sorry I missed the reunion.
I'm alive and well,living in Arizona.